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Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are a severe and often life-altering event for individuals and their families. At LDP Clinical Counselling Services we have worked with hundreds of individuals and families who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and have suffered psychological, physical and cognitive difficulties as a result. We offer both individual and family based counselling and offer services for individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, driving anxiety, chronic pain, acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury.

We work with several healthcare practitioners within the community to ensure a comprehensive approach is maintained for best rehabilitation outcomes. Health practitioners we typically work with include: occupational therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, psychologists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation therapists and nurses.

We know that going through the legal and insurance process when involved in a motor vehicle accident is stressful. At LDP Clinical Counselling Services we work with your legal team and offer guidance and education with insurance legislation and what your rights are!


Driving Desensitization Program

At LDP Clinical Counselling Services we have developed a driving desensitization program (driving anxiety program) for individuals struggling with driving anxiety as a passenger and/or driver. We are pleased to announce that we have helped hundreds of individuals overcome their fear of driving through our program.

Our program consists of 12-18 counselling sessions, providing cognitive retraining, relaxation training, behavioural modification and in-vivo gradual exposure therapy, whereby we will go into a vehicle with you. Our in-car treatment has been effective in providing clients with reassurance, independence and confidence. This is an effective approach as we will ensure that the strategies are reinforced when you are in your vehicle.

We utilize a cognitive behavioural approach and provide in-vivo exposure therapy whereby our therapists will go into a vehicle with you. With this approach we offer cognitive retraining, behavioural modification and exposure

Chronic Pain Program

We offer a multi-disciplinary chronic pain program at LDP Clinical Counselling Services. We work with occupational therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation therapy providing comprehensive treatment and education for your chronic pain. Treatment modalities include cognitive behavioural therapy, pain management solutions, mindfulness meditation and relaxation training. 


Treatment for individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents are often funded through medical rehabilitation benefits offered by their insurance company. If you do not have medical rehabilitation benefits we do accept payment through extended health care coverage and also offer sliding scale fees.